Second drafts
And why you might need a third (or more)

The secret of the second draft?

Answer: You probably need a third.

First draft (sort of rough)

Second draft (getting better)

At least that’s the case with lyrics. And the untold story of the first draft is that it may have very well been preceded with an audio dictation. Really, writing is about getting your thoughts down, and refining. You know a draft is really coming to shape when the words on the paper talk back to you and tell you what to change, or what needs to be added, shortened or otherwise rearranged. People often mistake writing as a product. And just to be clear it is most definitely that, but more even more so and most of all it’s a process. Some may even say an art.

Writing cramp

Have you ever been swimming …

And got a charlie horse?

A similar cramp happens …

When you write too much with a pencil or pen.

But don’t worry, you’re not going to drown. It’s actually a good sign that your stretching your writing muscles and getting into pensmanshape. A lot like becoming good at anything, it doesn’t happen overnight. You’ve gotta keep at it, fight through it, and shake off the writing cramps.

The reward?

Well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But trust me when I say that that writing by hand is an art that, the more you do it, the more it bestows its many rewards. So do you best and keep at it and keep writing through those “hand shaking” cramps.

Shake it off, as I like to say.

Or actually, not say – I meant write!