Nature Folk Fortified
Cap'n Killivine joins the Nature Folk team

Considering how fast he runs …

It took Cap’n K a little longer to join the team.

Cap’n Killivine is part of the Nature Folk team

The reason? For one, writing by hand is a slow process. And sending letters by snail mail even slower. Yes, emails get there instantly, and email and texting has its place, but none of the above or any other technological invention has replaced what a good old fashioned hand-written letter (or even note to yourself) can do.

That’s where Cap’n Killivine steps in: True, he’s had a few rough years and — yes — he was all but resigned to being thrown away and forgotten on the great junk pile of forgotten (and useless) arts. Or in summary, he was feeling like an old nub of himself. The good news: Cap’n Killivine is back and part of a greater Nature Folk team.

It’s good to have him onboard and around the campfire.

Pen or pencil?
All that matters is your write it down

“Pencil or pen?” people always ask …

To which I reply “crayons work, too.”

What I love about crayons …

Are the colors.

Unlike pencils and pens, they come in a box with pretty much the full range of colors that you need. As a kid I remember the green crayon always getting the most use, to the point that other colors were practically untouched by the time green had turned into a shortened and paper frayed nub.

As for the crayon picture featured on this post, it’s a drawing of the place I used to live many years ago on Cape Cod. I’ve always loved a good window that I can look out into the trees. That’s a perfect window for coloring with crayons or writing a long note.


Captain who?
Killivine dates back to Old English times

First off, it’s not Captain …

It’s Cap’n.

As for the term Killivine …

That’s just another name for a writing instrument. Whether it’s a pencil or pen, I’ll let you be the judge. In my mind, I like to think of myself as a pencil. Why? Maybe it’s the eraser that helps me correct my thoughts. I just love being able to go through a line of thought and then at the conclusion sort of wipe it back to a clean slate. Maybe that’s just the “old chalkboard” purist in me.

Really, when you think about it, the eraser at the end of a pencil is not unlike the old fashioned erasers that teachers used to use to wipe clean the chalk board. Not that I’m in to obliterating information, no – that’s not it. But it is something about a pencil that is more akin to the thinking process.

It’s okay to make errors, it’s just part of the writing journey – whether it’s words or math.

That being said, I love the feel of a good ballpoint pen in my hand.

So yes, I may look like a pencil, but don’t box me in.

At heart, I’m 100 percent killivine.