Captain who?
Killivine dates back to Old English times

First off, it’s not Captain …

It’s Cap’n.

As for the term Killivine …

That’s just another name for a writing instrument. Whether it’s a pencil or pen, I’ll let you be the judge. In my mind, I like to think of myself as a pencil. Why? Maybe it’s the eraser that helps me correct my thoughts. I just love being able to go through a line of thought and then at the conclusion sort of wipe it back to a clean slate. Maybe that’s just the “old chalkboard” purist in me.

Really, when you think about it, the eraser at the end of a pencil is not unlike the old fashioned erasers that teachers used to use to wipe clean the chalk board. Not that I’m in to obliterating information, no – that’s not it. But it is something about a pencil that is more akin to the thinking process.

It’s okay to make errors, it’s just part of the writing journey – whether it’s words or math.

That being said, I love the feel of a good ballpoint pen in my hand.

So yes, I may look like a pencil, but don’t box me in.

At heart, I’m 100 percent killivine.