Nature Folk Fortified
Cap'n Killivine joins the Nature Folk team

Considering how fast he runs …

It took Cap’n K a little longer to join the team.

Cap’n Killivine is part of the Nature Folk team

The reason? For one, writing by hand is a slow process. And sending letters by snail mail even slower. Yes, emails get there instantly, and email and texting has its place, but none of the above or any other technological invention has replaced what a good old fashioned hand-written letter (or even note to yourself) can do.

That’s where Cap’n Killivine steps in: True, he’s had a few rough years and — yes — he was all but resigned to being thrown away and forgotten on the great junk pile of forgotten (and useless) arts. Or in summary, he was feeling like an old nub of himself. The good news: Cap’n Killivine is back and part of a greater Nature Folk team.

It’s good to have him onboard and around the campfire.