Anatomy of a letter
A good letter has structure

Yes, there is an anatomy to letters,

But the upspoken secret is this:

Letters are not as two-dimensional as they may seem

Just let everything you’re thinkin pour out.

Okay, that doesn’t always work either. But the point is this: The good letter is the letter that is “sent!” That means doing whatever it take to put your thoughts down in paper and pen and sending them off. Or alternatively, keep them for yourself. In addition to expressing truly sincere thoughts, I think you’ll be amazed by what a mental and physical workout letter writing can be.

Did you know that gripping a pen stimulates the vegal nerve, i.e. the “feel good” nerve. Okay, I’ll admit – I just made that up. But I also believe it to be the case. The proof? I can always feel the relaxation reflex (and deeper breathing) kick in when I get into handwritten epistolary mode.

Bottom line: Writing letters (or diary entries) is good. I recommend letters over diaries personally because it helps you connect with the wider world, or in this case a good friend. So thanks for reading my letters below.

Letters are as fun as they are serious, and always worth the time spent. Over time letters also achieve a cumulative effect. I’ll admit, finding a good pen pal can be a bit of a chore, especially in the modern age of smart phone culture. The good news: We’re ahead of the curve. Hand-written letters are on the verge of a major comeback.